Darrel’s Health Story

It’s the year 2000, I’m sat in the trendy Soho offices of the Football Association. The interview is about to start, as is my career in corporate London. I’ve been to the gym that morning, I am sat in a 32inch waist and 40 inch jacket, suit, weighing in at 12 and half stone and standing at 6ft. A stout corporate man who clearly enjoys a heavy lunch walks in, we both sip our Latte’s as we talk, and there may even have been biscuits to hand. Great news I get the job and it’s time to hit the pub to celebrate. I drink until 1am and miss the gym the next day, instead enjoy a greasy breakfast, but I’ll make up for it, after all I’m a qualified Sports Scientist, I know how to look after myself, what could possibly go wrong? 

It’s 2019 and I pull on 40 inch waist trousers, they feel tight, I miss breakfast again, sometimes a bottle of red wine the night before kills your appetite. The gym is a distant memory, maybe I’ll join the cycling brigade one day? I check the mirror, at least my beard and generous jacket can hide my middle aged spread. I’ve got a boozy lunch later, it’s all meat, cheese and more red wine, on the outside I’m pleasant enough; on the inside I’m fighting against multiple enemies and I’m losing the battle, in fact I’m nearly on the canvas, a quiet desperation but nowhere to turn to. But that’s been life for the last 19 years how did it go wrong? 

I wanted to do something about this

my gut instincts are telling me that there is something wrong with the world, intelligent people are making stupid decisions when it comes to their only real asset, their Health. So I begin, I use all my training as a Sport Scientist, and all my critical evaluation skills that I’d acquired in business to put my theories to the test. I wanted better, bigger answers and I wasn’t about to trust any company or any profession in the process

As I solve my own Health issues, it dawns on me that my mission should be to help the thousands and thousands of people who are going through what I have, taking their health for granted then realising they’d lost it, and having nowhere to turn. 

Your health isn’t something you lose overnight, it takes years, and you pay for the pleasure of it being taken away. Getting it back is an endeavour, it takes fortitude and bravery, the enemies are sophisticated; they come in the form of good jobs, nice restaurants, intelligent people, governments, Dr’s, Personal Trainers, Fitness Challenges, Diets and supposed well-meaning relatives and friends. 

Your health is important

I quickly realised that you have to stand up for your own health, you must recognise that it’s not going to just happen for you. Your challenge is to maintain a healthy psychology when it comes to your heath and fitness, it’s a conscious practice and lifelong endeavour, your challenges are daily even hourly, and you have to go through a psychological transformation, it’s the only way. You have to recognise the many many obstacles you’re dealing with and have a deep effective way of dealing with them. 

Mission and Purpose

I’ve made it my mission to shine an intense light on what’s really ruining people’s lives, why is Coronary Heart Disease the number one killer of people on this planet? If 3 billion people work for a company, why do we accept that they make us sit down for 9 hours a day? Why do we try to get fit by accepting literal marathon challenges that we will never adopt on a life long basis? Why do we accept Golf, Cycling and other popularist sports as the way forward when they clearly do not work? Why do we accept that animal protein will build us? How can a personal trainer possibly know how our brain works, let alone our bodies? How can the governments ideas on health possibly be true, when we are facing a sedentary obesity crisis? How have the worlds largest industries fed us the worst food, encouraged us to take in massive toxins, then provide us with expensive cures for the things they created? 

These questions and more I’ve faced up to, I’ve helped myself overcome many things when it comes to health, and I feel duty bound to help others work out how to do the same. We can all come back from many lost battles, failed marriages, failed careers, broken dreams in all areas of life, the one battle we can’t afford to lose is the fight for our health, there is no coming back from that one

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